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One4Wall Homescreen Setup

We wanted to inspire people to make some beautiful homescreen setups, so we decided to make a brand new homescreen contest! Make a Homescreen setup using one of our Premium wallpapers from One4Wall and share it on Twitter with #One4WallContest hashtag. You also need to tag us in that post and to follow us. We will award the best setup with 3 codes for any of our other apps! This is a monthly contest, and you can share up to 2 setups per month. Winners will be announced on the 15th of every month on Twitter.
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Discord Server

Welcome to the Discord

With our big plans for the future, we decided to open a Discrod server, so it would be easier for users to follow our progress, stay informed about updates, sales and giveaways and also to get some help with eventual problems they have.
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Regular giveaways

If you want to stay updated about our work, we strongly recommend to follow us on Twitter. We regularly post on Twitter after every app update and we also post about sales and some work in progress. But most importantly, we run giveaways for our Twitter followers regularly, almost every few days!
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Stay updated

If you want to stay updated about our work but don't have a Twitter account, we strongly recommend to follow our channel on Telegram. We regularly post there after every app update and we also post about all current sales. Sometimes, we even share some promo codes for the fastest followers, so you know what to do (hint: press that button below).
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