What is KLWP?

KLWP is a popular name for a Live Wallpaper app by Kustom Developers on Google Play. We make presets for this app, but in order to apply our presets (or any other preset by any other developer), you will need to buy KLWP Pro key.

KLWP is not just a “regular live” wallpaper as it can contain a lot of app shortcuts and widgets and usually you will need a blank homescreen as everything you need is already included in live wallpaper preset.

Good thing about KLWP presets is that you can change a lot of things by yourself if you are familiar with the app, but even if you are not, going into Globals tab, with only few clicks, you can always change Theme (we almost always make Light and Dark variants), colors or some other aspects of the preset you are editing.

If you still have any doubts or questions about our KLWP presets, just send us an email.

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